The start is what stops most people.. Here we play, sweat and feel good after every training. Let’s have a call today!

12 Week Program

Customized to your agenda

Personalized Training

Made to achieve your goals

Nutritional Guidance

Working with the 80/20 rule


A workout should be fun and energizing, allowing you to create a stronger, more fit and injury-free lifestyle.

We provide a balance program that will fit your needs so you can enjoy movement and make it a part of your daily routine.



Feeling Better

Losing weight

More Strength

Injury Free


Calisthenics Training in Amsterdam


Our program we will give you a foundation that enables you to reach all your goals.

You are what you repeatedly do. Not what you do occasionally.

We make sure you’ll to be consistent.


Dunya Karadagli
Dunya Karadagli
I love the energy, it's amazing to work with Wesley!
Ruby Amusah
Ruby Amusah
Fijne en bijzondere plek om te sporten :) Naast dat je op een speelse en leuke manier aan je lichaam werkt wordt er ook aandacht besteed aan het gehele mens zijn. Ik voel mij mentaal, emotioneel en fysiek zoveel rijker sinds ik hier train. ❤️
R Velasquez
R Velasquez
The best way to get fit. Personal training works best for me so i can go at my own pace. Beautiful location near het IJ. Highly recommended! ★
Sebastian Berkel, van
Sebastian Berkel, van
Sinds ik hier train ben ik fitter, sterker en tegelijkertijd meer ontspannen en minder gestresst. Ik leer veel en kijk uit naar iedere training.
Payam Mesgari
Payam Mesgari
Urban Playground Studio is the place to be for anyone looking for professional, holistic, and high quality sports training. I started my personal training with Wesley around September 2021. Our sessions have been filled with valuable education, learning, and amazing physical training. The focus is always on a 360 degree view on well-being, to become fit, feel energetic and gain head space and peace of mind. Through these personal training sessions, my entire approach to sports changed. I came to realize sports can be a method to gain energy from and to bring my body and mind into an equilibrium as opposed to being a grinding tool whereby I am depleted of my energy. Apart from his immense knowledge and experience, Wesley is friendly, respectful and a trainer who deeply cares about you. My personal training sessions here is something I am continuously looking forward to.
Maria Kandyla
Maria Kandyla
excellent in all the ways ! fully equipped , perfect outdoor and indoor space . Wesley (the trainer) knows his art 100% . He guides you , motivates you and trains you hard but good !
Bas Meijerink
Bas Meijerink
Hosted by professional trainers with a passion for sports and attention for people, Urban Playground Studio is a place that proves getting fit can be fun.
camille stijlaart
camille stijlaart
Inhoudelijk zijn de trainingen van hoge kwaliteit. Het bevat een hele fijne en goede combinatie van training, voeding en het inrichten van een gezondere lifestyle. Met veel aandacht wordt er gekeken op welke manier jouw doelen bereikt kunnen worden! Daarnaast is de sfeer super relaxed en voel je je meteen op je gemak!
Melissa x
Melissa x
Een super fijne plek om samen met een personal trainer aan je gezondheid te werken! Zelfs als ik even geen zin heb om te sporten krijg ik eenmaal bezig altijd weer veel plezier in het sporten! Er word altijd geluisterd en mee gedacht om de beste versie van jou te worden! Kan dit iedereen aanraden. ❤️


How many sessions do I need?

In short if you train ones a week you won’t really improve but also don’t get weaker depending on what your goals are. We recommend at least 2 times per week or for optimal results 3 to 4 times a week.

Can I train with a injury?

We make sure that we check in with your physiotherapists if necessary, so we create the best plan to reduce your injury and get you started with your goals!

Can I lose weight without training?

Yes you can, nutrition is key, but we advise combining working out and a balanced nutrition. A workout it will motivate you to eat more health, and it will improve your sleep. We offer a balanced Training / Nutritional Guidance / Recovery Program. With this combination you increase the chances of succeeding your goals and become the best version of yourself.

I don’t want to get too much muscle

Depending on your goals we make sure you get what you want. You can get lean, lose weight, better cardio, bigger or just feeling better in your skin. We love focussing on training with your own body weight so no bodybuilding here ;-)


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